Welcome to Fire Saft damage repair specialists. We are your No. 1 choice when it comes to damage repair. Fire Saft specializes in repairing residential and commercial properties that have water, fire, or flood damage. We have several specialists and our teams are highly-qualified and trained. Fire Saft will restore your property to its former glory so you can get on with your life.

Fire Saft is owned and run by Ronald Collins. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the damage repair business. This experience has made Fire Saft one of the best damage repair companies around. Ronald Collins ensures that his staff is well-trained, professional, and compassionate. He makes sure that they use only the best materials and equipment to do assessments, repairs, and restorations.

Fire Saft offers services in damage repair in Mississippi and the surrounding areas. We are one of the most recommended companies in the USA and even insurance companies use us. Ronald Collins and his team have built Fire Saft from a local repairs company to a national legend. We have hundreds of happy customers who are very satisfied with their repaired and restored homes.

Water, fire, and floods can cause major damage to a property and for most people, these experiences are very traumatic. The loss of their property or severe damage to their property can be devastating. Here, at Fire Saft, we understand the devastation and uncertainty of these situations and we strive to make the situation better. We consult with the owners of the damaged property and make sure that their needs are met. We do everything in our power to salvage belongings and valuables. When we cannot save something that was important, we handle the situation with great care.

Our teams are not only trained to deal with damage repair but also to support the people that are affected. We value our customers, their belongings, and their safety. All of our team members receive training in trauma counseling and communication. This makes our teams even better equipped to repair the damage caused and make sure that the people involved do not suffer any further losses.

For the best damage repair company, call Fire Saft today. We have a quick response rate and we will assess the damage and give you a full report on the same day. Our services are extensive and include everything from removing water from the property to cleaning up debris and restoring the house.