Water and Fire Damage

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the main causes of property loss. Water damage can range from simple leaks to natural disaster damage proportions. Water damage in the house can be prevented and reduced through regular checks of pipes and appliances that use water. Damage by leaking pipes, overflowing machines or geysers, backed up plumbing, and other household systems can be prevented or reduced drastically by vigilant inspections.

Signs of water damage

Water damage often shows first through discoloration or stains. Areas that are constantly wet for no reason can be an indication of leaks. Once these signs appear, it is important to have it inspected by professionals and repaired to reduce the amount of damage.

Repair of water damage

Water damage repair involves different processes from removing the water and drying the affected areas to analyzing the water for microorganisms and the walls and ceilings for mold. The services required will be determined by the size or area of damage, the severity of the exposure, and the category of water. Water is ranked in 3 different categories according to the source of water and the possible contaminants.

Fire Damage

Damage caused by fire is more extensive than just the burning of belongings and property. Smoke, soot and water damage are also part of fire damage. To put out the fire, the firemen use water which causes damage on its own. Smoke occurs during the fire but gets worse as it is extinguished. Smoke causes blackening and can also have health consequences. Soot is the black stuff that you find everywhere after a fire happened. All of these elements add to the damage caused by fire.

Repair of fire damage

Fire damage can be very destructive and sometimes there may be little to salvage. Depending on the severity and the area affected, the repairs needed can be extensive. Repairs after fire damage involve clearing smoke and soot, extracting water, assessing what can be saved and what not, and cleaning up. Once everything is visible again, repairs can start. If the fire was limited to a room or two, the walls, ceilings, floors, wiring, etc. will be repaired.

Natural disasters

Fire Saft specializes in the analyzing of damage caused by floods, heavy rains, heavy snowfall, and fires. Damage caused by these types of disasters are often extensive and require specialty equipment to try and save as much of a house or office and its contents as possible. Fire Saft understands that these types of events and the damage they cause can be devastating. Therefore, we place great value on our customer service during these events and ensure that everything is handled with care and sensitivity.

Water and fire damage are two of our specialty areas and we guarantee that your home or office will be good as new once we are done with it. Our customers are very important to us and we aim to offer the best possible assistance. We use the best materials, products, and equipment to make repairs to your damaged property and belongings.